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Before Cyclops Beer was launched in 2006 we undertook some independent market research* to find out if consumers would welcome an easy-to-understand series of descriptors for beer.

Independent Market Research results

  • 1 in 3 adults agreed that a universal scheme that simplified real ale, would encourage them to try more real ale
  • 35% of female regular pub goers also agreed with this statement
  • 55% of those that said they drink real ale ‘often’ said they would try more real ale if a scheme were introduced
  • 40% aged 18-24 years old said they would give real ale a try if a scheme were introduced

*The Campaign for Real Ale commissioned this market research with TNS in 2006 to find out if a simplified beer sensory scheme would encourage more people to try real ale

As a result the Cyclops scheme was launched to help beer drinkers to find the style of beer that you enjoy and to find others like it. There are literally thousands of cask ales being brewed around the UK and we wanted to make it easier for pub goers who often find it difficult to know what a beer will taste like from its name alone.

Cyclops has now been adopted by a large number of British breweries and flyers, beer mats, glasses, chalkboards are now visible in many pubs plus lots of breweries also use them on their websites.

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