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Become accredited

Here's a step by step guide to getting accredited by Cyclops.

Accreditation Form

If you would like your beers to get accredited then please click here to download the information form and click the link below that applies to you, attaching your completed form, alternatively here is the online form.


How much does it cost?

The Cyclops Trust is a non profit making company and any profits are invested back into the scheme. Costs are kept as low as possible. It costs £300 to get up to 5 beers accredited and £30 for any additional beers. There is an annual fee to cover the cost of the website which ranges from £30 for small breweries to £350 depending on your barrelage.

Self accreditation

If you have a seasonal beer or an occasional beer that you would like to have accredited and published on the Cyclops website, and you wish to accredit it yourselves, the following process applies. There is no charge to you for self accreditation and listing your seasonal beer on the Cyclops website for 12 weeks.

  1. You can self accredit your own seasonal beers, as long as you have had beers previously accredited by Cyclops.
  2. You must provide descriptors to at Cyclops Beer. We can provide additional assistance, if required, with your wording and descriptors at no charge.
  3. The agreed artwork will be supplied to you and published on the Cyclops website free of charge for 12 weeks.

Please drink alcohol responsibly.

This site is for over 18's only. We do not encourage under age drinking. Drink Aware

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