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How to become accredited

Signing up to Cyclops and having your beer accredited is a straightforward process.

If you would like your beers to become accredited then please click here >>

How much does it cost?

The Cyclops Trust is a non-profit-making company and any profits are invested back into the scheme. Costs are kept as low as possible.

It costs £300 to get up to 5 beers accredited and £30 for any additional beers.

There is an annual fee to cover the cost of the website which ranges from £30 for small breweries to £350 for larger breweries.

Your fee pays for:

  • The Cyclops assessor at Everards Brewery to assess your beers by running a full laboratory analysis (which you are provided with and can discuss with the assessor), organising a tasting session and producing tasting notes and artwork for your own use and on the Cyclops website.
  • Keeping up to date.
  • Promoting Cyclops Beer to consumers and the trade.
  • Your beers' Cyclops descriptions are also included on the CaskFinder App.

Accreditation of additional beers:

For each extra beer that you wish to have accredited the cost is just £30.

  • Send a sample of the beer to be accredited at Everards Brewery. SIBA members book in via SIBA email: Brewers that are not SIBA members book in direct to Everards email:
  • Everards will agree artwork and descriptors with you, analyse the sample and give you written feedback, artwork will then be published on the website.
  • Cost is £30 for all (SIBA and non SIBA members)

Alternatively you may wish to self-accredit additional beers yourselves. Find out more >>

Please drink alcohol responsibly.

This site is for over 18's only. We do not encourage under age drinking. Drink Aware

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