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FAQs for Breweries

1. What does the Cyclops accreditation fee pay for?

  • The Cyclops assessor to assess your beers by running a full laboratory analysis (which you are provided with and can discuss with the assessor), organise a tasting session and produce tasting notes and artwork for your own use and on the Cyclops website.
  • Keeping up to date.
  • Developing a new website, communicating with consumers and licensees and promoting the scheme.
  • Your beers' Cyclops descriptions are also included on the CaskFinder App.
  • We are not for profit so all the fees are ploughed back into Cyclops and running the accreditation scheme.

2. Why can't I Cyclops my own beer?

We use independent assessors to test your beer in a laboratory, to taste it and write the descriptors. This means we can standardise the language we use, avoiding flowery or technical language and our independence means that it can be trusted by consumers and licensees as truly objective. You can however self accredit, seasonal or occasional beers if you have already had some of your beers accredited by Cyclops. Please click here for more information on Self Accreditation. Find out more >>

3. How can I use Cyclops?

Use it on your website, point of sale material, pump clips, glassware and in any marketing and communications to the trade and consumers such as beer festivals, tasting notes and adverts. The more widely we all use it the more widely it will be understood and more effective it will become. You can also use it to help train your staff as it's such a straightforward way to describe your beer.

4. Isn't Cyclops too simplistic?

Remember that it is aimed at the majority of beer drinkers who are turned off by some of the very flowery or technical language that we may use when describing beer. The fact that it's simple and easy to understand is the key to its success, and once a drinker knows what sort of beer they like, such as golden and citrus or dark with coffee aromas, then they can look for other similar beers using Cyclops, or experiment and look for something different, again by using the Cyclops descriptors.

Please drink alcohol responsibly.

This site is for over 18's only. We do not encourage under age drinking. Drink Aware

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