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Why sign up to Cyclops?

Launched in 2006, Cyclops Beer has quickly established itself as an important resource for consumers with a thirst to find out more about beer.

Set up by a group of breweries and related organisations, its aim is to help consumers find their way around some of the more scientific or flowery language which has existed to describe British beer.

Cyclops Beer uses some standard descriptors to describe what your beer looks, smells and tastes like, whether it is bitter or sweet and its style and its strength. The beer's EBU score is used to determine its bitterness.

It primarily uses symbols rather than words and this visual impact means that it is quick and easy to understand so that consumers will find it much easier to select a beer which they will enjoy, and come to realise what it is about the look, aroma and taste of your beer that they like.

Before Cyclops Beer was launched we undertook some independent market research* to find out if consumers would welcome an easy-to-understand series of descriptors for beer.

Why not sign up today and help us to educate pub goers who want to find out more about beer?

The Cyclops descriptors can be used on your website, point of sale material, glassware, chalkboards and flyers to help communicate to your customers (trade and consumer), inform them about your beer and to actively sell it to them.

A growing number of wholesalers and pub companies will only take beer which has been accredited by Cyclops as they believe that it is an extremely effective way to sell beer to consumers. Breweries also find it useful when selling their beer into pub groups and putting together tenders as it is a quick and easy way to describe your beer. Many pubs and beer festivals are now also using Cyclops descriptors and it's easy for them to download this information from here >>

Find out about the Cyclops Accreditation Process and Cost >>

How much does it cost?

The Cyclops Trust is a non profit making company and any profits are invested back into the scheme. Costs are kept as low as possible. It costs £300 to get up to 5 beers accredited and £30 for any additional beers. There is an annual fee to cover the cost of the website which ranges from £30 for small breweries to £350 depending on your barrelage.

“Cyclops is a great way for drinkers who are unfamiliar with one's product to contrast and compare with similar products by other brewers which they have tried in the past. Being an industry standard, the grading system is more universal and less subjective than leaving it to the brewer to determine themselves.”
Cyclops Accredited Brewery

“a little information goes a long way and where our beers are the only ones with such tasting notes on the back we regularly outsell other ales on the bar, which I attribute to the fact that bar staff can instantly engage with our product and communicate this to the consumer.”
Cyclops Accredited Brewery

“have had feedback from many Publicans that the info on the back of the pump clip is extremely valuable. especially with staff who do not necessarily know about real ale”
Cyclops Accredited Brewery

“as the usage of Cyclops by brewers increases, I am sure it will become the norm to use instead of very flowery useless tasting notes.”
Cyclops Accredited Brewery

Independent Market Research results

  • 1 in 3 adults agreed that a universal scheme that simplified real ale, would encourage them to try more real ale
  • 35% of female regular pub goers also agreed with this statement
  • 55% of those that said they drink real ale ‘often’ said they would try more real ale if a scheme were introduced
  • 40% aged 18-24 years old said they would give real ale a try if a scheme were introduced

* CAMRA commissioned this market research with TNS in 2006 to find out if a simplified beer sensory scheme would encourage more people to try real ale.

NDD Brochure using Cyclops Tasting Notes

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