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Why use Cyclops?

A growing number of beer festivals are already using Cyclops Beer tasting notes. These can be printed onto A4 or A5 and used at your beer festival. They are particularly useful to display on the barrel ends so that your customers can see them at the point of purchase. These tasting notes are free to download from this site , all you need is access to a printer.

The tasting notes make it easier for customers to choose a beer as they use standard descriptors to describe what beer looks, smells and tastes like, whether it is bitter or sweet and its style and its strength. They are very visual using symbols and a few words so that your festival visitor can see at a glance the flavours and aromas within each beer.

As you will know it is not always easy to understand much about a beer from its name alone and Cyclops tasting notes play a key role in helping to inform consumers so that they can understand more about what a beer is going to taste like and get to know the various beer styles on offer. It should mean that you have more satisfied customers as a result.

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Example of a cask end card produced using this Cyclops website.

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