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As you will know it is not always easy for your customers to know what one of the beers on your bar looks or tastes like from its name alone. That is why Cyclops was launched back in 2006, as our simplified tasting notes describe what a beer looks, smells and tastes like through the use of symbols and a few words, making it much easier for consumers to choose a beer that they will enjoy. A large number of breweries are using Cyclops tasting notes to help consumers find out more about their beer.

Licensees are also finding Cyclops beneficial to their business. They are useful to bar staff as they provide a quick and easy reference so that it is easy to respond to customers and can help you to train bar staff new to cask ale.

Cyclops tasting notes are increasingly used by a number of wholesalers in their real ale brochures and can help you to select the beers which you think are right for your pub.

Breweries are supplying these Cyclops tasting notes on beermats, pump clips, posters, tent cards, flyers and glassware. Why not ask your brewery suppliers if they have signed up to Cyclops and can supply branded material for your pub?

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