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Who is Cyclops aimed at?

It is aimed at the vast majority of pub goers who are turned off by some of the very technical or flowery language which is often used in tasting notes. The key to Cyclops is its simplicity, it is quick and easy to understand relying on symbols and just a few words.

Once a drinker knows what sort of beer they like, such as golden and citrus or dark with coffee aromas, then they can look for other similar beers using Cyclops, or experiment and look for something different, again by using the Cyclops descriptors. Usage should result in a better experience for the pub goer who will want to find out more about different beers and beer styles and seek out new beers.

What are the costs?

There is no cost for pubs; Cyclops is funded by participating breweries, as well as the Campaign for Real Ale, SIBA and Cask Marque. Breweries pay a fee to be accredited by Cyclops and their beer is analysed by independent experts in a laboratory who provide the descriptors for each of the beers. Breweries can use these descriptors on point of sale or marketing material which they supply to you.

Can I use the descriptors from the website?

You can print out descriptors here onto A4 and A5. This is particularly useful if you are holding a beer festival in your pub. There is no cost to you for using this information.

Please drink alcohol responsibly.

This site is for over 18's only. We do not encourage under age drinking. Drink Aware

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